Fire Prevention Tips

Fire is a dangerous substance that shouldn’t be messed with.  At any moment the conditions for a fire can break out spreading swiftly causing catastrophic damage.  To help prevent this, our infrastructure needs to be maintained.  The act of fire hydrant repair ocoee fl is the first step.  When we work on the hydrants, report issues or visual damage and more, we are taking steps that they will be functional if and when they are needed.

Don’t smoke

It is important not to smoke near anything that is flammable.  Many fires are started out of reckless actions that are totally harmless.  Tossing cigarettes into the trash and disposing of them may seem harmless, however if the cigarettes are not put out fully then they can ignite and start a fire. 

To properly put out a cigarette you want to douse them with water or burry them in sand.  The water will remove any smoldering fire and the sand will remove all the oxygen from the cigarette.  The best solution is to not smoke or smoke in designated areas with proper disposal units.

Install smoke detectors

One way to prevent fire is to discover it early.  Installing smoke detectors and other monitors in your home will be the first line of defense against a fire.  Make sure that all of the batteries are fresh and checked every several months.  Have them installed near hot spots in your home to ensure maximum sensitivity.

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Install fire extinguishers

If a fire does break out make sure you have a fire extinguisher handy.  These extinguishers will shoot co2 which will help in putting out the fire.  You may also want to use salt, sand and baking soda.  You want to avoid using water on a fire simply because some fires may be caused by grease and grease will spread with water.